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The Will to Macros The excellent MapTool full of useful features. One of which is the ability to associate macros with tokens - particularly useful it 4E D&D, since the maximum number of different attacks a character can have is less than 10. Sadly, the documentation is somewhat sparse. Let's remedy that, with a worked example: writing Graham Tom's basic attack macro. So, at its simplest, a basic attack is d20 + Str modifier + 1/2 level + proficiency vs AC, with [W] + Str mod damage.

Adventures in future upstream nightmares I clearly need to move "Write a 'How to be a good upstream' Ubuntu wiki page" closer to the top of my TODO list. This piece of wrongness seen in #ubuntu-motu: (20.24.31| screennam)) folks, I am sent here 'cos I have a bit of software to release under a modified gpl (20.24.53| screennam)) and I guess I've not done this before so I'll need some advice on making it publishable

Agricultre, Neptune, Commerce, Cyclops

My friend Bice came up to Sydney for the first time at the beginning of this week in order to burn off some of his annual leave. He's so lazy that he hadn't bothered organising any leave for the three years he's been with his company. Habits are easy to fall into and hard to break - I doubt I'd do much differently. Speaking of which, I have a habit of accumulating TODO items and insufficient time management to do anything about it.

My heart is elsewhere

Sam's gone off to a materials science conference, where she will be presenting some of her work. This means that she's not here. Somehow, a couple of years ago this wouldn't have mattered. Wow. Before she left, I tried to update her Windows XP laptop. I'd forgotten how strange windows is. I needed to install three install programs before I could actually install any updates.

The importance of micro-optimisations

Sam and I bought some wardrobes and a desk from a post-doc who's moving off to England to take up a position as lecturer. This is good: no longer will our clothes horse have to do double duty as our entire clothes storage space. The bad is, of course, that we needed to get the furniture home ourselves. Now, getting a removalist/furniture taxi would've cost about $140. Hiring a ute for the day, cost $69.

So, on Friday Sam and I went to see the new Transformers movie with SpockSoc. And it was good. Who'd have thought that battles between huge, city destroying robots could be so cinematic? I'm learning dvorak, now that I've got a lappy that I can move the keys around on. Except, curiously, for the 'b' key, which is different to every other key on the keyboard. I'm now at that awkward phase where my fingers kind of know where they're meant to go, just as long as I don't think too hard about it :)