The importance of micro-optimisations

Sam and I bought some wardrobes and a desk from a post-doc who's moving off to England to take up a position as lecturer. This is good: no longer will our clothes horse have to do double duty as our entire clothes storage space. The bad is, of course, that we needed to get the furniture home ourselves.

Now, getting a removalist/furniture taxi would've cost about $140. Hiring a ute for the day, cost $69. Plus $16 for insurance, which seemed prudent since I've never driven in Sydney, or driven a ute, and the last time I drove was over a year ago. Plus 1.5% stamp duty, for some reason. Plus petrol.

So all up it cost around $100, an important, necessary, saving of $40, and now we have to lug some heavy furniture up a couple of flights of stairs.

I commit this note to self to the boundless memory of the intertron: Next time just pay someone to do it!
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