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My friend Bice came up to Sydney for the first time at the beginning of this week in order to burn off some of his annual leave. He's so lazy that he hadn't bothered organising any leave for the three years he's been with his company. Habits are easy to fall into and hard to break - I doubt I'd do much differently.

Speaking of which, I have a habit of accumulating TODO items and insufficient time management to do anything about it. Currently on my plate, in rough order of priority:
  • Finish a paper on rational inversive geometry
  • Upload a fixed specto package to Debian
  • Add some better checks & configuration to the Ubuntu Xgl package
  • Reverse-engineer LDVS-on-nVidia to make nouveau's XRandR 1.2 branch work on my lappy.
  • Write a config system for specto/notifrenzy
  • Write a xscreensaver hack theme editor for gnome-screensaver
  • Package the Tao CIL OpenGL bindings
  • Update the compiz CIL plugin loader to work with current compiz
  • Do some work on Playtools
  • Hack on Joybot
... the list goes on. I wish I were a chronomancer like Saint Germain.
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