So, on Friday Sam and I went to see the new Transformers movie with SpockSoc. And it was good. Who'd have thought that battles between huge, city destroying robots could be so cinematic?

I'm learning dvorak, now that I've got a lappy that I can move the keys around on. Except, curiously, for the 'b' key, which is different to every other key on the keyboard. I'm now at that awkward phase where my fingers kind of know where they're meant to go, just as long as I don't think too hard about it :)

Things I've recently learnt:

  • Inversive geometry is really about the pole-polar relationship in a projective space.
  • The time taken to pack up a flat and move is dwarfed by the time taken to unpack.
  • My laptop bag is sufficiently waterproof to not kill my laptop in the rain. Yay!

  • It's not too hard to to Test Driven Development in C with the check package

  • In related news, I'm a much less proficient C programmer than I was five years ago.

  • Two-fingered tapping on my touchpad generates a Mouse2 click, and 3 fingered tapping generates a Mouse3 :).

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