Adventures in future upstream nightmares

I clearly need to move "Write a 'How to be a good upstream' Ubuntu wiki page" closer to the top of my TODO list.

This piece of wrongness seen in #ubuntu-motu:

(20.24.31| screennam)) folks, I am sent here 'cos I have a bit of software to release under a modified gpl

(20.24.53| screennam)) and I guess I've not done this before so I'll need some advice on making it publishable

(20.26.23| wgrant)) Isn't the GPL immutable?

(20.26.44| screennam)) yes, so what?

(20.27.31| wgrant)) Releasing something under a mutated version of an immutable license seems unwise.

(20.28.05| screennam)) not if I call it something different

(20.28.23| screennam)) If I call it 'custom licence' no-one will complain

Remember, kids: releasing your software under a modified GPL will earn you the eternal enmity of all right-thinking packagers. Smart people with legal degrees argued over the wording of the GPL. Is your reworking going to be as sound?

Copyright is the most annoying and time consuming parts of a lot of Debian packaging. Please, make it slightly easier for packagers to get your work into Debian and Ubuntu - use one of the wide variety of common licenses for your code!

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